Ice Matters

Regular ice is pitifully outdated—it melts quickly, diluting that masterfully made cocktail before your guest even takes their first sip. It also has whatever-is-in-your freezer stink to it. Clear ice is crystal clear (and gorgeous), melts slower and doesn't dump freezer stink into a drink. OnTheRocks is a smaller-than-a-gallon-of-ice-cream clear ice maker that can make 6 cubes, 5 spheres or 1 block at a time.


Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

Clear Ice: Up Your Cocktail Game

OnTheRocks is the simple, utterly affordable way to wow your friends, neighbors and relatives with beautiful, clear ice in their drinks. We've launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Get your hands on OnTheRocks by backing our campaign, and get once-in-a-lifetime price deals while doing so.

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The Difference

You might've seen clear ice cube trays before, but you haven't seen any like this. Up until now, the highest-capcity, at-home clear ice cube trays only yield 4 cubes. Our's, however, yields 6 and does so at a much better price. More spectactular clear ice cubes to make more eyebrow-raising drinks at a lower price—how can you beat that?


Crystal Clear Ice Cubes Tray Maker